Whether it’s the sale of a business, a merger, IPO, partial cash-out, inheritance or some other significant event, there are many issues to contend with when you have a sudden infusion of liquidity. At Gruver Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors, we can help you address the additional responsibility with comprehensive wealth planning that combines your values, needs, and aspirations. New wealth is both an exhilarating opportunity and a challenge fraught with anxiety, and it is easy to make mistakes in these new circumstances.

Too often, we find that some of the newly liquid enter into the planning process only after they have already made regrettable decisions. We believe that the sooner you start addressing the issues of wealth, the better. We will help you address both your short-term needs and the long-term preservation issues of your wealth. Our services include:

  • Create and manage a comprehensive wealth investment plan
  • Select the appropriate investment options for your goals and timeframes
  • Strategies to help minimize taxes*
  • Diversity concentrated positions
  • Help meet your philanthropic and legacy objectives
  • Strategies for transferring wealth tax-efficiently to beneficiaries*

*Gruver Wealth Management and Wells Fargo Advisors are not legal or tax advisors. However, as Financial Advisors, we will be glad to work with you, your accountant, tax advisor and or lawyer to help meet your financial goals.